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Urus Harta Agih Pusaka

  • Other Publishers
  • 9789671744406
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Description   In Gusto! Grammar Workout form 1 to 5, students will find the grammar drills they need to strengthen their grasp of English grammar. Designed to help students understand and master the English language at their own pace, this series offers simple explanations, notes, tips and plenty of practice exercises on the grammar items covered in the KBSM syllabus. The books in this series provide: * step-by-step grammar explanations with clear examples to promote better understanding. *graded exercises to aid the learning process. * a wealth of varied practice exercises as reinforcement.   useful illustrations to further aid comprehension *Useful illustrations to further aid comprehension.
Publisher Other Publishers
ISBN 9789671744406
Language Malay
Condition New
Online Since 20th October, 2017