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10% Pass PACES, 1st Edition

Pass PACES, 1st Edition

  • Elsevier
  • 9780702068454
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Description This new book is written by authors experienced in training candidates to pass MRCP PACES from across the UK. They have put together Pass PACES based on their own teaching experiences to fill the gap in preparation aids for this high-stakes examination. As well as covering the curriculum, this book is designed to help candidates marshal their knowledge most effectively in order to maximize candidate's performance. The book provides a pragmatic guide to the presentation of cases and gives great tips for how to achieve full marks at each station in the exam. Key FeaturesGives The Candidate A Stepwise Approach In How To Present The Clinical Cases That Appear In The Exam, With The Aim Of Achieving Full Marks In The Clinical Stations.Highlights The Extra Knowledge And Information Sought By Examiners In Order To Award Full Marks At The Discussion Phase Of Each Station.Gives Advice On Time Management And Organization Before And During The Exam.Uses Smart Memory Techniques In Order To Create Brain Images For Candidates To Be Able To Recruit Knowledge Under The Stress Of The Exam.Presents Unique Hidden Curriculum Knowledge And Non-Technical Skills Tips, Customised For This Exam.Accompanying Videos That Walk Candidates Through Key Examinations For Each Station, And Podcasts Giving Instructional Tips And Guidance.On ExpertConsult For Access To E-Book, Videos And Podcasts On The Move.
Publisher Elsevier
ISBN 9780702068454
Language Malay
Condition New
Online Since 16th March, 2018
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