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Oxford Idioms 2nd Edition

Oxford Idioms 2nd Edition

  • Oxford University Press
  • 9780194317238
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Description For learners of EnglishOver 10,000 English Idioms with examples of how to use them100s of Notes explaining difficult vocabulary and Origin notes on how idioms came into useCartoon illustrations to help you remember the idiomsPractical exercises to help you understand and use idiomsNew features:100s of new idioms from British and American English and other English speaking countriesStudy pages on common uses and meaningsOpposites show you an idiom with the opposite meaningBritish and American pronunciation and stress help you say the idioms correcltyImproved design to search quickly
Publisher Oxford University Press
ISBN 9780194317238
Language Malay
Condition New
Online Since 31st March, 2018
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