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10% Neuroscience for Rehabilitation

Neuroscience for Rehabilitation

  • McGraw Hill Education
  • 9781260084429
  • RM 139.14 RM 154.60
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Description The first Neuroscience text written specifically for physical therapy students.The text opens with an informative section that discusses the structural and functional organization of the nervous system and includes coverage of functional neuroanatomy and response to injury this is followed by sections covering:Vascular supply of Central Nervous System.Cellular Organization of the Nervous System.Development  of the Central Nervous System.Functional Neuroanatomy by Ascending Region.The Brainstem, Cranial Nerves and Visual Pathways.The Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia.Diencephalon.The Cortex.
Publisher McGraw Hill Education
ISBN 9781260084429
Language English
Condition New
Online Since 17th July, 2018