10% May 9 People Power Saves Malaysia
May 9 People Power Saves Malaysia

May 9 People Power Saves Malaysia

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Description May 9 was a significant day for all Malaysians. It heralded a new landscape - economic, social and political - for the citizens.This book is a fascinating read that is retold through the inner stirrings of a young boy, an unfortunate victim of a "business as usual" corrupt system that poses a serious threat to the nation's economy. In the face of rising costs and unemployment, the boy yearned for a change. Will tomorrow ever come?By sharing glimpses from the innocent lenses of a child, the author has painted a stark contrast of childlike simplicity with the world of grown-ups that is consumed by greed and glittering gems. It captures the journey of a nation that has witnessed the most dramatic trajectories of greed and power.
Author M. Krishnamoorthy
Format Paperback
Published Date 2018
Publisher Other Publishers
ISBN 9789671295021
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Language English
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