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10% Malaysian Economy
Malaysian Economy

Malaysian Economy

  • Oxford University Press
  • 9789834725556
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Description This textbook aims to be a valuable, in-depth reference for all students pursuing Malaysian Economy courses at the diploma level and the first year of university. It contains nine chapters that explore the main topics and key concepts of this subject, besides analyzing Malaysia’s economic history, development and structural changes, agricultural policies and industrial plans. It also includes introductory discussions on Islamic perspectives pertaining to economic growth and development, poverty and income inequality.Written by experienced academics, the coverage of this textbook is thorough yet accessible, thus helping students to grasp the fundamentals. The discussions and analyses in the text are complemented with salient examples, graphs, statistics and sample questions to enhance learning. Several case studies are provided in selected chapters to serve the same purpose. Exercises are also given at the end of all chapters for further discussion and application.
Publisher Oxford University Press
ISBN 9789834725556
Language English
Condition New
Online Since 26th October, 2018
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