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Macleod's Clinical Examination International Edition: 14ed

Macleod's Clinical Examination International Edition: 14ed

  • Elsevier
  • 9780702069925
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Description Available soon, pre-order now.This classic textbook sets out clearly and concisely how to evaluate symptoms and elicit relevant physical signs. It describes the practical skills which every clinician must acquire and develop in order to evolve diagnostic procedures and management strategies and plans.Key FeaturesThe book starts with a general section on the principles of history taking and the general examination that provides the framework for a patient examination.The second system-based examination section documents the relevant history, examination and investigations for all the major body systems.Section 1: Principles of clinical history and examination, Managing clinical encounters with patients, General aspects of history taking,  The value of initial observations  Section 2: System based examination, The cardiovascular system, The respiratory system, The gastrointestinal system, The nervous system, The visual system, The ear, nose & throat, The endocrine system, The reproductive system, The renal system, The musculoskeletal system, The skin, hair and nails  Section 3: Applying history and examination skills in specific situations , Babies and Children, Patients with mental illness and learning disability, The frail elderly, Examining the deteriorating patient, History and examination towards the end of lifeSection 4: Putting History and Examination skills to Use, Preparing for assessments of clinical skills, Preparing for practice
Publisher Elsevier
ISBN 9780702069925
Language English
Condition New
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