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10% Kumar & Clark's Cases in Clinical Medicine:  3ed

Kumar & Clark's Cases in Clinical Medicine: 3ed

  • Elsevier
  • 9780702031380
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Description This is new edition of the book previously called Acute Clinical Medicine in the highly popular Kumar and Clark family. Cases in Clinical Medicine covers in handbook form the complete range of acute medical conditions and problems that junior doctors are likely to encounter during the first years of training. It is divided into chapters reflecting core medical specialties - including infectious diseases; STD; gastroenterology; etc. Each chapter is then subdivided into case-based problems, such as (for example) pyrexia of unknown origin (under the Infectious Disease Group), HIV/Aids (under STD) and Vomiting and Weight Loss (under Gastroenterology). Each problem follows a standard pattern or template: it begins with a case history, and is accompanied by short, succinct text divided up by headings such as 'What are the commonest causes of...'; What factors predispose to...' Where relevant there are also sections on pathology, pathophysiology and prognosis. Important points to note in the acute context are picked out in boxes ('Beware', 'Remember!' and 'Information') as are vital investigations.
Publisher Elsevier
ISBN 9780702031380
Language Malay
Condition New
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