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10% Fun in Learning Idioms Made Easy Through Comics

Fun in Learning Idioms Made Easy Through Comics

  • PNI Neuron
  • 9789674860301
  • RM 9.86 RM 10.95
  • Excluding delivery charges

Description Full Color PagesHelps to Enhance Writing and Verbal Skills.More Than 550 Common Idioms.Suitable for students and learners who wish to improve their English.Attractive and colorful layout and illustrations.Helps to enrich writing and verbal skills.Presents common idioms with easy-to-understand and simple sentences, and lively illustrations.
Publisher PNI Neuron
ISBN 9789674860301
Language English
Condition New
Online Since 19th May, 2018
Categorized Under Activity Books  /  Primary (SK)  /  Year 4
Activity Books  /  Primary (SK)  /  Year 5
Activity Books  /  Primary (SK)  /  Year 6