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10% Fun HOTS Maths Book 5

Fun HOTS Maths Book 5

  • Praxis Publishing
  • 9789811177859
  • RM 13.50 RM 15.00
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Description Featuring over 60 mind-boggling questions, this book is designed to help you develop your Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), to sharpen your problem-solving ability and to master the mathematical concepts related to primary school curriculum.Among other benefits of this book :-Ample variation of questions to practice new problem-solving strategies-Hints given for some of the more complex questions-Step-by-step working leading to the solutions are provided-Multiple solutions are given
Publisher Praxis Publishing
ISBN 9789811177859
Language English
Condition New
Online Since 1st November, 2018
Category Intl. School Books  /  Primary  /  Year 5
Intl. School Books  /  Primary  /  Year 6