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Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine International Edition: 23ed

Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine International Edition: 23ed

  • Elsevier
  • 9780702070273
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Description Available soon, pre-order now. DescriptionMore than two million medical students, doctors and other health professionals around the globe have owned a copy of Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine since it was first published. Now in its 23rd Edition, this textbook describes the pathophysiology and clinical features of the most frequently encountered conditions in the major specialties of adult medicine and explains how to recognise, investigate, diagnose and manage them. Taking its origins from Sir Stanley Davidson’s much-admired lecture notes, Davidson’s has endured because it keeps pace with how modern medicine is taught and provides a wealth of information in an easy-to-read, concise and beautifully illustrated format. This book will serve readers everywhere as a core text that integrates medical science with clinical medicine, conveying key knowledge and practical advice in a highly accessible and readable format.Key FeaturesThe opening section describes the fundamentals of genetics, immunology, infectious diseases and population health, and discusses the core principles of clinical decision-making and good prescribing.A new second section on emergency and critical care medicine encompasses poisoning, envenomation and environmental medicine, and introduces a new chapter on acute medicine and critical illness.Table of ContentsFundamentals of medicine, Clinical decision making, Clinical therapeutics and good prescribing, Clinical genetics, Clinical immunology, Population health and epidemiology, Principles of infectious disease  Emergency and critical care medicine , Poisoning, Envenomation, Environmental medicine, Acute medicine and critical illness  Clinical medicine, Infectious diseases, HIV infection and AIDS, Sexually transmitted infections, Clinical biochemistry and metabolic medicine, Nephrology and urology, Cardiology, Respiratory medicine, Endocrinology, Nutritional factors in disease, Diabetes mellitus, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Haematology and transfusion medicine, Rheumatology and bone disease, Neurology, Stroke medicine, Medical ophthalmology, Medical psychiatry, Dermatology, Maternal medicine, Adolescent and transition medicine, Ageing and disease, Oncology, Pain and palliative care, Laboratory reference ranges
Publisher Elsevier
ISBN 9780702070273
Language English
Condition New
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